Hanpo Bridging Korea and Poland

Hanpo Bridging Korea and Poland
Hanpo LCC
Brand identity design for Hanpo Bridging Korea and Poland.
Market Environment:
Asia is becoming the engine of world economic growth. It is not only a provider of an efficient labor force, but also a supplier of highest quality products. It is attracting huge investments. Polish companies are becoming interested in cooperating with such a dynamic partner. To do this, they need to understand the specificity of the Korean market, and this is hampered by linguistic and cultural barriers. There is a need for business consulting services specializing in Polish-Korean contacts. Hanpo is one of the first companies to notice this market opportunity.
Hanpo LLC provides consulting and services supporting Polish-Korean enterprises. The company was established in response to the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Korea and was established simultaneously with the negotiations between both governments. The company offers a range of services reflecting the specific needs of both markets.
Hanpo’s team consists of experts and practitioners, Poles and Koreans who speak Polish, Korean, and English. It facilitates business contacts between Polish and Korean contractors, increasing their chances of success and lowering the risk of failure. Its services include business correspondence, written and oral translations, organization of business trips and delegations, information brokering, economic reports and expertise, recruitment services, trainings, and consultations.
Professionalism, trust, experience and knowledge, exclusivity, flexibility
Target group:
Polish and Korean contractors, business owners, investors, corporations
Communication strategy:
The information which we will gather for you will increase your chances of success and lower the risk of failure.
logo design/ logo book design / web design / printed marketing materials

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