The Zamoyska and Modrzejewska High School no. 2 in Poznan

The Zamoyska and Modrzejewska High School no. 2 in Poznan
The Zamoyska and Modrzejewska High School no.2 in Poznan
Brand identity design for the Zamoyska and Modrzejewska High School no.2  in Poznan
The Zamoyska and Modrzejewska High School in Poznan has been among the top 3 high schools in the city for many years, and among the top 20 high schools in Poland.  There is a demographic low and internet access is becoming ubiquitous.  Other educational centers (not only those in large cities) are expanding and developing dynamically.  The school needs to continue providing employment to its workers.
The history of the high school reaches back to the beginning of the 20th century.  So far its image has been forming ‘naturally,’ which created communicational chaos.  Promotional materials were created by random persons, often by the teachers themselves.  Excessive attachment to tradition and attributes of the school’s patrons (who are not very popular today) led to a general sense of the high school’s ossification.  It is necessary to adjust the image to the actual resources and competitiveness of the high school. Specifically:
It has teachers with highest qualifications and many years of experience in shaping young minds (knowledge and know-how)
Students who undergo a rigorous selection process
An IB program
Partners and sponsors
The school building which has characteristic architecture and unique location
Innovative teaching tools (especially e-learning platforms)

  1. Preparation of young people for responsible roles in society
  2. Creative youth, who is also resourceful and responsible


  1.  Highest quality education
  2. Modern tools
  3. Creativity
  4. Responsibility
  5. Democracy (equal access regardless of economic background)


  1. Individuals: students, teachers, high school administrators, parents
  2. Institutions: the city of Poznan (main investor), board of education, the international community, partner schools

logo design / logo book / web design / environmental graphics – interior design