JulBer Accountancy

The accounting market in Holland generates 8.1 billion dollars and year and it is expected to grow by 4.75 in the next 5 years.  It is expected to reach 10.1 billion dollars in 2015.  This provides a context for extensive competition among accounting companies.  There is the need to differentiate oneself from the competition, or even to create new models of consulting companies.
JulBer is a small accounting company located in Breda.  Its team consists of several experts who have many years of corporate experience, including managerial experience. JulBer’s was founded with the idea of creating an accounting company which would be friendly and accessible to the “average Joe.” JulBer wants to emphasize the professionalism of its services, while also making its trademark a sign of cooperation with its clients. Its webpage and logo are to communicate the transparency of its documents, professionalism, collaboration, easy access to knowledge, and accessibility.
Professionalism, accessibility, knowledge, quickly available advantages
Small and mid-size businesses, individual clients, corporations
logo design / web design / business cards / brochures



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