UNITY Infraprojects

The construction market in India is worth over 400 billion dollars. On the one hand, its growth is fueled by immense demand for offices and new apartments in large cities. On the other, it is driven by massive state and federal infrastructure investments, especially those focused on road building. There is much competition, especially among foreign companies, including German and American ones.

Unity Infraprojects Ltd has been active on the Indian market for over 25 years. Its accomplishments include the construction of a national airport in Mumbai, as well as bridges, dams, and interstate roads in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Uttar Pradesh. Despite its significant achievements in large-scale infrastructure projects, the company is still perceived as a local partner of powerful international players. Unity seeks to compete with and be situated among companies like Larsen&Toubro, UB Engineering, and others. It therefore needs to change its image to convey that it is modern, has a global reach, and takes advantage of the most recent IT and construction technologies.

Experience, an international partner, newest IT, ERP, and CPMS technologies

Institutional investors – e.g., the states of Maharashtra or Gujarat;
Private investors: developers, international partners

clear information layout on the page, clear organization of information by target group, simplification of company LOGO while maintaining its characteristic element – the company’s totem (Venkateshvara – Balaji).